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Visage is a crowdsourcing recruitment platform allowing leveraging on crowdsourcing and AI to find the best talent. Don't spend hours connecting with candidates, just search the most relevant profiles online and submit them to us, we take care of the rest.

The easiest way to make money every week in recruitment!

Earn Fast

Get paid weekly based on the number of candidate profiles that are approved.

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Simple profile submission

Search online and upload candidate profiles. Nothing else is required.

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Make money recruiting from home

Work whenever you want, wherever you want, you just need an internet access.

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Tired of waiting for recruitment fees?

With Visage, you get paid weekly for every 'Approved' candidate profile that you submit based on the job requirements.

For every candidate you submit, you get feedback in less than 3 days.

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Get paid weekly for every candidate profile that is approved.

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Our freelance recruiting sourcers love Visage

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Meet Linda

“I work with Visage because I love recruiting. Visage affords independent recruiters a great chance to make money with versatility in terms of work, as well as flexibility in terms of work/life balance. I like the fact I get paid a week after submitting candidates instead of waiting for months”

Linda makes constantly over $650 a week referring candidates on Visage. She’s working from her apartment in Salt Lake City, US.

Testimonial Author

As a freelance I am already working with agencies, and since I work with Visage, I can finally earn money from great candidates that haven't been Hired

Testimonial Author

I am my own boss now and can work from everywhere in the world, even if I am travelling

Testimonial Author

I love my work, I look for the best talent out there and get to know a lot of incredible people

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